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"Discover How to Get Your Own Call Center Built Staffed and Managed for the Cost of a Telemarketer..."
...using a TelemarketUS Virtual Call Center!
Each Virtual Call Center is Custom Built 
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"We tried hiring telemarketers and it was painful. TelemarketUS came through for us big time!"
Justyn Faber - Local Lead Stream

Now you can have your own call center...

We Build It
First, we create your call campaign on our dialing system. We will configure and upload your list, develop your script and create your online lead form. In addition, we built a back-end email system for auto follow ups.
We Staff It
Next, we staff your call center with the best work at home professionals in the country. Only 7% of the telemarketers who apply with us make the grade which means you get the best talent out there.
We Manage It
Finally, we will manage your entire call center program for you every day. You will get fresh and exclusive leads every day. Keep your sales team busy and hold them accountable to generate more sales for your company.

Having Your Own Call Center Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Stressful

We Have the Best Telemarketers in the Country!
Only 7% of the telemarketers who apply with us make the grade. Our Smart Recruiting System ensures you get only the most qualified lead generators and appointment setters available in the USA.
Enjoy a constant flow of quality leads every day.

Here's What You Get

Dedicated Telemarketers
You get dedicated telemarketers who generate leads exclusively for you and your team.
USA Based
All of our tele's are based in the US and are accent free so your message gets delivered clearly.
Smart Dialer
Your tele’s work on a smart dialer that has multiple lines calling at once to get up to 400% more contacts.
Full Reporting
You get a report of all production from your outbound virtual call center each week.
Call Recorded
Your tele’s calls get recorded so you can review at any time and provide feedback.
You will lock in your verticals and geographic locations because we provide you with exclusivity.
Quality Leads
Your telemarketers are trained to generate high quality leads for you every day.
Full Customization
Plus, you can customize your lead form and have your tele’s gather whatever information you’d like.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
You will also enjoy a fixed weekly cost and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our services.
Text and Email
Your new leads will get delivered to your email and text and can be pushed directly into your CRM.
Live Transfers
You can also have your leads live transferred into your sales reps if you'd like. 
Customer Support
You get a dedicated Call Center Implementation manager from the start and all the way through.

"Now You Can Get All the Benefits of a Call Center for the Cost of 1 Telemarketer!"

"We started with 1 telemarketer and within the first hour we had 2 quote requests for local business policies. By the end of our first four hour shift we had a total of 8 leads and they haven't stopped since. I highly recommend if you want to grow your agency and get a great return on your investment."

Brian Ravenelle - President of Oxford Insurance

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No Long Term Contracts
You’re not locked into a long term contract. Just go give it a try and you'll love it. We guaranty it!
Completely Hassle Free
The only thing you have to do is provide us with a list, sign-up and we generate fresh leads for you daily.

How It Works

Step 1 . Script
We develop a custom script that generates quality leads.
Step 2. Lead Form
We create your lead form to gather the necessary information.
Step 3. Call List
You purchase a quality targeted list or use one you have.
Step 4. Hire Tele's
We find the best tele’s with our proprietary tele recruiting system.
Step 5 . Dialer
Your tele’s use a dialer that gets up to 400% more contacts.
Step 6. CRM
Your leads get emailed to you and can flow into your CRM as well.
Step 7. Manage
We manage and train your tele’s and swap new ones when needed.
Step 8. Recordings
Access recordings and provide feedback to help tele's improve.

You Get Your Very Own Call Center With Zero Hassle

(even if it's just one telemarketer)

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How quickly can we get started?
A. Your call center will be ready in 7 days from sign-up.
Q. How many telemarketers do I have to hire?
A. You can have your own call center with just 1.
Q. How often will I be billed?
A. Our billing is recurring either weekly or monthly.
Q. What do you need from us to get started?
A. Just choose a plan and send us your call list.
Q. Where are my telemarketers located?
A. All telemarketers are located in the USA.
Q. What hours do my telemarketers work?
A. They work whichever 4 hour shift you choose.
Q. Do you record the telephone calls?
A. Yes, the calls are recorded.
Q. How many leads can I expect to receive?
A. Every business is different so we cannot guaranty.
Q. What type of leads do you generate?
A. You can have a B2B or B2C call center.
Q. Who trains and manages the telemarketers?
A. We train them and manage them for you.
Q. How do you find your telemarketers?
A. A proprietary process we developed to find the best.

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